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Anyone help ?? Gta5 the zombie part of the game ? I’ve seen people playing it on line on YouTube and can’t find or know how to get it .
Can some one help ?
I swear to god, the next person from Europe is getting banned. So, STOP. I will block your access to the site.
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I am playing the game Uncharted4. In chapter-6, Sam is not giving the rope to throw it on the bridge for me to go inside the building. As such, I am not able to move forward with the game. I have tried all the options, but still when it comes to crossing the bridge, I am not able to get the rope from Sam. Kindly let me know how to get the rope from Sam.
Should I:

1. Make the player mash the button to shoot at enemies continuously instead of making them hold the button down to shoot continuously? I feel if I make each button press one shot each, then I could have an opportunity to make the player hold onto the shoot button to blast a charged shot, which can deal more damage than regular shots. Also atleast mashing buttons to attack is more intuitive than holding a button to win against enemies.

2. Should I add NPC's throughout levels to give you sidequests? Somethings like: A water pixie has been isolated from her lake and has been trapped inside of a water jug, so you must carry her to the lake nearby while avoiding enemies from knocking you over. Rewards are EXP, Monets (currency in this game), or even weapons.
thats just a bot jack, they come here from time to time. just report and natural forum law will take its course (i hope)