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Who still likes the Wii


New Member
I used to love my Wii but I sold it because I was getting bored of it and I didn't have any other friends to play with. I have a lot of friends now so I actually kind of want and back and I heard things about the Wii U so I might get that.


New Member
Yes, I still like the Wii and I still play it with my friends from time to time. Our favorite game to play together is Bomberman and SSB. I think it's still great for group activity because it isn't too serious and everyone can just pick up the controller and play without having to memorize a bunch of button assignments and other complicated gestures.


New Member
Yeah i like the Wii. I have a lot of exciting games on there. I will admit that i do not play it as much as my PS and Xbox systems, but it is still a console that i enjoy playing. A lot of quality games to play.


New Member
I do like my wii, and I still have it hooked up on my monitor, but I don't play it as much as before. I play it sometimes when I stream, while waiting for someone to play, or when im in SoloQ in league.


New Member
I do not really play with it much, but I have not forgotten about it. I have not touched it in about a year or two, but I still have a liking to it, like the Wii board, Mario Kart, and a dancing game I bought. And I will add a lot of shooting games I have, that are fun as well. It is outdated and not talked about much, but it can still be a charmer to have and play at times. I do not plan on giving mines away, just like my PS3, PS2 and PS1!


New Member
The Wii is something fun to pull out when you got friends over. The Wii Sports disc is still one of my favorite games to play on occassion. Always have a blast playing it.

But as others have said, the Wii is pretty outdated with the sheer volume of new stuff that has recently come out. WiiU, Xbox Kinect, etc. At this point, just more of a novelty system .


New Member
I still play it, sometimes its the only way that I can get any exercise, I play the sports games and they get me up and moving. I write for a living and playing a few sports can get my creative juices flowing. I keep it in my office for just that purpose.


New Member
To be honest, I haven't played it since we got the WiI U. Then again I never playes it much before that lol


New Member
eww i hate the wii lol. i never really loved playing it anyway. my mom uses it to excercise though. but i havent touched a wii in years lol.


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
Never owned it but friends of mine do. The only thing we would play is Wii Sports when we were drunk. Though we haven't played it in years.


New Member
I used to own a Wii, but my brother either sold it a long time ago. I enjoyed playing Super Punch-Out as my recreational game, and played a bit of Paper Mario. It was fun while the Wii was still around.


New Member
Im not really into the wii. My little cousin has alot of games to hers and i would always play it. I purchased one and it was not the same. I think it was because i didnt have many games so it seemed boring to me. I also dont like the fact that i have to hold the controller in my hand for certain games. I like playing the dance games and holding a controller while dancing takes away the fun. I had to get use to it i guess. Its the type of game that i would pull out when i was around my family members to have a little fun.


New Member
There's no doubt that the glory days of the Wii are long gone, they made a point of excommunicating its core gamer audience,and appealing to middle aged grown ups on their last system, so couples could play golf and tennis with their couple friends, now they shouldn't be surprised by the backlash of not being supported by the same gamers they ostracised, Wii and Nintendo is barely holding on by a thin thin thread, they should do like sega, and stop making consoles and stick to software and game development.

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