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Who still likes the Wii


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I have the first Wii that came out and that about sums it up. I don't even play it anymore when Xbox came out with the kinect I pretty much packed the Wii away. I remember playing it, I would get so mad while trying to work out because some of my moves would never pick up. I thought about just giving the game to my daughters and allow them to play with it. I know Wii has come out with a new console I mean is it good. Is it even worth the money they want you to spend on it? Tell me your views. Looking forward to hearing from you.:D


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It's got a certain charm that you can't really find with any other gaming system. Problem is, some people were perfectly happy with just the sports disc that came with the Wii. I don't own one but I love to play it when I go to a friend's.


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At this point it's outdated. WiiU improved on a lot of things. That being said, I still play Super Smash Bros Brawl because that game is just timeless in its own right. But right now, the mainstream focus is on the current generation of consoles.

Delle LeClair

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Although it may be outdated a bit, I still love it and I know a lot of people who still have one. I think they could do a lot more with it and the graphics could be more than what they are, but overall it's a great concept in gaming. It helps to be active while gaming, which is an awesome idea. Although a lot of people abuse that concept by learning to play certain games while sitting down, if used properly it's a great workout. Especially the Wii Fit!


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We still have a Wii. It sits there and collects dust. My 12 y/o got an xbox and never looked back.

In other words, even kids think Wiis are for kids :D


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I still play Wii on occasion. Let's be honest, if you can't have fun with Mario Kart or Smash Bros, you just don't know how to have fun.


I feel like the Wii has a lot of games that did not get attention because of their MA rating. That was a market that left unattended, in my opinion. I loved the Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles when it came out on Wii. I loved the accessories that were available as well. MadWorld was another great game. There are plenty of entertaining family games but because they deemed this a family system it felt like a lot of MA gaming options fell to the wayside. That was a shame.


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I like it, it's pretty enjoyable when playing with friends or even with your family.
It's not an hardcore console, with serious graphics and all that, but it's truly fun.


I Shall Finish The Game
I find the wii to be great for playing games with the family. That is about it. I never turn it on unless we are all playing. the wii u is not a bad machine. It is backwards compatible which is nice. if you daughters are into lego games Lego undercover is a great game. Scribblenauts is about the only other game that stands out. That being said I only have 9 games for the system. I will assume your last name is Barnes, Always nice to run into a fellow Barnes on the web.


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I still have my Wii and I still play it. I love playing the games I have for my Wii and I don't see myself getting bored with it. I admit that I don't play it that often, but I still play it whenever I want a break from my other consoles.


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The first Wii was a really good console now that one thinks of it. It had a unique selling point and a decent gaming library. Sure the gimmick wore thin after a while but that doesn't take away from what it accomplished. I never had one but I don't playing on one whenever I get the chance.


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I do still enjoy it from time to time because of games like Twilight, Windwaker (can not be bothered to hook up GC) and Dokapon Kingdom. I do seem to play it most when I have friends over because that is when it appears to be the most entertaining.


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I still like the Wii, I even play most of the Call of Duty games on it to this day. Nothing like carrying around a model 1887 shotgun and making everyone rage pretty quickly. Made FPS games really easy to play with. I guess it’ll seem boring to have any Nintendo console because they’ve had a longer history compared to XBOX and the PlayStation consoles because of the veterans of gaming.

So seeing the same process, storyline, and platform rehashes, and shunning them down because of Nintendo is easy to do. People’s feelings and dispositions will be the same unless something revolutionary launches in the future. I just feel we’re in a spectrum of going through console prototypes for the time being.


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I still very much like the Wii because right at this stage of my life, I can't really find time to play my PS3. It's a whole new experience for me but I still enjoying smashing my bowling and tennis scores. The Wii is really an easy game to play, and with my nephews and nieces sometimes around, they sure get their hand on something entertaining.


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Even if I shift around other consoles, Nintendo is seriously my childhood. I don’t really play the Wii as much as I used to during High School, but I still occasionally play for an hour or two every now and then. I just finished playing Skyward Sword, but I never really have that spirit to play games over and over again. I remember playing Twilight Princess like crazy, but then I just got tired that it would take way too long and occupy a lot of my time.

I still play a few Call of Duty games on there as well (Black Ops and MW3), which can be fun at times if I’m not facing hackers. And the virtual console games are what seriously allow for some replay value if you’re into the classics. And Resident Evil: 4 Wii Edition is a game I also played extensively as well. The replay value for that game, and how easy and fun it becomes when you unlock the Chicago Typewriter makes me want to come back to it sometime in the near future. But if I tried to do Professional mode from scratch, those moments that scared the heck out of me back then makes that less enticing to do nowadays.
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I still play the Wii. It is a very fun console with a great collection of games. I am a avid gamer anyway, so i do not think i will ever truly get bored of playing any console.


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I like the Wii. It was the only console that went outside of the run of the mill console box. I actually had to move around and whatnot and sometimes I actually got into the game. When Kinect and Move came out it wasn't really the same because I had already done the same with Wii only with different games and better.


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I liked it when it came out, and it seemed like a pretty cool device. I still remember all the hype around the thing. It was cool, but once the excitement of release wore off I wasn't really into it anymore. I think it's a great console and it has its place, but I'm just not really a fan anymore.

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