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What worlds do you want?

Wreck-It Ralph would definitely be my first choice since I loved that movie so much and think there'd be loads of opportunities for meta-humor and even some more crossover things. I mean, who knows if the movie will have a sequel by then that takes place in home console game worlds, which has been rumored. So in that case they could definitely show the ACTUAL game worlds from the Final Fantasy characters that have shown up before, all as a part of Wreck-It Ralph's setting. They could even go one step beyond and have BOTH the original game versions and the Kingdom Hearts redesigns from those games in the same game and deal with that in a humorous way.

While I am not too fond of the movies, I still think Cars, if done right, could be fun. Just like how the Lion King world did in KH2, a Cars world could definitely spice up the gameplay a little bit. And seeing how there's gonna be this Planes movie, based in the same world, I'd think Disney would approve of this as well.

I definitely wouldn't mind some Marvel, Star Wars or other LucasArts worlds, either.
This. Wreck it Ralph would be awesome and if they could create something like kingdom of hearts with it, then the game will surely be a great hit! Hopefully they will because the idea is great!
Frozen or Brave would definitely be great. Other than that I'd like to see the older Disney shows like Black Cauldron, The Sword in the Stone or Atlantis, those would be awesome! As for Marvel I don't really see it working well with Kingdom Hearts, no matter how cool it would be to imagine it.
I think marvel would blend better with kingdom hearts than Disney world.

But that would take kingdom hearts out of its childish look and take it to more violent and mature/teenagerish style.
I would love to be live in the world of Skyrim. I would rather die in the hands of a dragon rather than a slow boring death. I would also love to live in the Pokemon world, now that's a world I would never back out of, I'd immediately drop out of school and become a Pokemon trainer!
I'd like to see a legit Final Fantasy world too! Go to the Final Fantasy X world and play Blitzball, or go to Midgar and see Golden Saucer. Other than that, I'd say I have to go with everyone else and agree Wreck It Ralph. I wonder if they could make it tongue in cheek, like they realize they're inside a game?
I want them to stay away from the Star Wars and Marvel properties and stick with the more 'Disney' films. I would love for them to try some Pixar films, and I think Toy Story and the Incredibles would both work brilliantly and could have great character designs.
I thought about some more movies that would go well with it and well I would also love to see a Lady and the Tramp world or a 101 dalmatians. We've already experienced being cats so why not dogs? If I had my way though and it didn't have to be just Disney/Enix owned trademarks then I would also like to see The Swan Princess and Anastasia, these two games would be so awesome to play. I remember watching them when I was a kid. LOL. I'm finding it hard to picture a Marvel universe in Kingdom Hearts, I really don't see how it would all work with each other.
I think it would work fine. Both Disney and Square Enix have used star war characters before and with the new movies, there's definitely an increased possibilty of it. As for Marvel, Disney infinity is releasing an entire game on it, and they'll milk Marvel till the cows come home, so as far as uper heroes are concerned, that's really down to Enix.

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