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What will you miss about the Xbox 360?


New Member
I know that there will be a fair amount of people switching from an Xbox 360 to the PS4.

I'm not trying to start a slanging match as the Xbox 360 wasn't a broken console, and it's fair to say that I've enjoyed my time with it.

Is there anything that you'll miss about the console/community?


New Member
Not sure there's anything that really sticks out from the console itself for me, but it's more about the time it was released. It doesn't seem like there's as much hype and chit chat going on about the new consoles these days. I mean, most of the crazy awesome innovations are already done, and what we're getting is more of an upgrade on what we've had before and not really anything totally new. I mean, we get social media integration and crap but who the hell cares about that? Most of the excitement just seems to be gone for me.


New Member
I guess its the controller, I mean sure the Xbox One controller is almost identical to the 360's but, I don't know, the 360 controller feels perfect in my hands. It's light and very comfortable compared to the Xbox One's.


New Member
I'm a 360 user who is planning on jumping ship shortly...my one sticking point is the controller, I really don't like the PS4 one at all, the 360 one is so much more comfortable. I'm sure I'll get used to it though, I guess part of it is just familiarity.

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