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What are your reasons for getting a ps3 instead of a xbox 360?


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I personally got it from someone else, he got it for super cheap with his tv. Turned out he didn't really like it so he gave it to me, I also owned a ps1 before so I would probably prefer a ps3 instead of a xbox 360. But what is the reason you ended up with a ps3?


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The one and only reason was more exclusives ames which was worth my time. How could you not play games like The Last of Us?


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The one and only reason was more exclusives ames which was worth my time. How could you not play games like The Last of Us?
Yeah. Most of the exclusives on the PS3 appeal to me way more than those on the Xbox. I do wish they released Fable 2 on the PS3, though...


Most friends have a PS3, so I had no reason to buy an Xbox. Plus, I hate the idea of paying just to be able to play online.. I know it's inevitable with the next gen, but if I can save some money now, I will. Plus, PSN is a way better marketplace than Xbox Live, I think. :)


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Uhm, I have both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 but I prefer the PS3 a whole lot more. If I were to have only one console before, it would have been the PS3. Why? Because I'm such a Sony fanboy. It started way back in the PS1 era and it continued up to the PS3 era. I love the exclusives of the PS3. God of War, Uncharted, Last of Us, Ni No Kuni, Gran Turismo, Resistance... These are all great games that I love.


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Well I've had a PS1 and a PS2 so i was already biased, but what really got me was the free multiplayer. I didn't have the money to pay every month just for online access.


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Initially I wanted it due to the Blu-Ray. Although I had planned on getting both. I don't pick one and not the other. If I can get both I do.


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Hi! I don't know if it's cheaper or not but all my friends are going to buy the PS4 so if I want to play online with them I'll have to buy the Sony Console...
Anyway I think it's still better than the Xbox One and I'm used to the PS sticks (I've had the PS2 and the PS3).

What's the difference of prices then?:confused:


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I picked PS3 mainly because of the exclusives. I've had a PS1 and a PS2 before, so if I wanted to continue most of the games I liked PS3 was the way to go. What really helped the decision was that fact that I could play online for free opposed to xbox live ( this was a major factor because at the time I was a kid and had no income at all ).


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Playstation as a brand has always been more popular in my country, and rarely will you see stores that sell games for Xbox, so we're kind of tied in to Sony by default. I don't mind this, though, as it is very well deserved, in my opinion, since they did give us so many good games and hours upon hours of fun with the PS2.


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The free online more than anything... I could have bought 2 more Xbox's with the money I spent on my membership... Pretty ridiculous tbh. Also you can be made to buy a console simply because of the exclusive games, but I still prefer the Xbox controller to the PS3 one!! My hands ache after a while and I have to stop playing haha


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I got both! I couldn't decide. I actually have all three systems from last time around. I play all my fighting games on the PS3 however. I like the sony controller better for them then the microsoft one. I think Socom was my very first game on the PS3 that I had anticipated though. It was the main reason I needed my PS3!


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I too, own both systems. I honestly got the Xbox 360 before I got the Playstation 3 lol. Although I like my Playstation 3 over my Xbox 360 for various reasons. I like my Playstation 3 over my 360 because of all its great features. The Playstation 3 has so many great features that the Xbox 360 just doesn't have. Some of which are exclusively made games. Games such as God Of War which isn't on Xbox 360.


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God of War, little big planet. and for once, I got a way to sort of tell Microsoft what I think of them. I mean by not buying their product. Im not like some exclusive Macintosh hugger either, even though I've had them... I just built a linux machine, and I cant quite do everything with it, but I just don't like Microsoft so I didnt want the Xbox. I don't like that they had a deal to sucker the single moms who couldn't afford to get the Xbox for junior into a two year contract, buy giving them a chance to get the xbox for 99 bucks, and then they are stuck with a contract per month which they might not want, and it adds up to being more money int he end. Maybe it was a good thing because otherwise the price tag was steep, but still, i think it was just to get a big income stream in monthly microsoft accounts.
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My main reason for buying a PS3 was quite simple – I'd owned the previous two consoles and had pretty much no issue at all with either of them. As someone who doesn't really like change, it was just a natural progression for me to make. If that makes me a Sony 'fanboy' then so be it…

At that time I'd lost touch with my main gaming buddy. I did eventually find out he'd converted over to the Xbox 360 despite having both previous Playstations like myself. He did try to explain to me a few years ago why he done it but as soon as he started rattling on with seemingly random numbers and letters which make absolutely no sense to me (probably specifications…), my eyes glazed over…

At the time of Xbox One was launched he was again prattling onto me saying I must get one. Sorry, buddy. I've been perfectly happy with the PS3, I don't 'do' online gaming (although I will try and have a go when I get a PS4 - and probably either fail or immediately shy away if it involves subscriptions for everything) so I have no reason to change to Microsoft this time around either…


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I had consoles from the NES days, I had the PS1 & PS2 & only wanted a PS3, never wanted a zbox360, but after the 360 came out & had been out for nearly a year, I wnated a next gen machine. So I got a 360 & then got the PS3 when it was released.
They are both very good consoles but for totally different reasons imo & they both have their major flaws.
For me, the PS3 was more feature rich for my needs then the Xbox 360. It was a bluray player, the Xbox did not do that, and the PS3 had free online play. This was a nice feature as I do not play often enough to pay for something I am hardly going to use. But it is nice to have the option to play online now and then when I feel so inclined.

I did eventually buy a cheap first gen Xbox 360, the ones that were getting the RROD, but I never had an issue with it. Only used it for Fable then it just sat and collected dust till I let a friend borrow it indefinitely.

Both are good systems, but now I prefer the exclusives that Sony has.


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I have both the PS3 and 360, but I got the PS3 first because of the exclusives. I just picked up the 360 later when it dipped in price used.

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