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Wait... Will PS5 even come out?


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Think about it, the amount of portability that systems are getting, wouldn't that make restricted systems obsolete? The Oculus Quest is making the PSVR unnecessary for cheap VR, because it's only $400 as a standalone...REALLY GOOD! I am sure that there will be a sequel to the PS4, but later on and it will probably be as different and insane as the Nintendo Switch was...and still is.


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I don't know how much powerful "Oculus Quest" is over the older Oculus models, but the game industry barely even reports anything positive about it. When I see that a product is not getting enough hype, it signals that the product is selling at a slower pace. It's owned by Facebook, but I mean, I doubt that it even competes on the same grand scale as PSVR. So far, PSVR sold over 3 Million units, if I remember correctly.

PlayStation 4 sold over 91 Million units worldwide. There is still a market for game consoles. Nintendo Switch is selling well because of two factors: 1) It's Nintendo. 2) Nintendo dominates the handheld market. There is not other way around that fact.

Nintendo was sued over the hybrid console idea, a no-name ipad/iphone accessories maker sued them because they thought that Nintendo Switch was too similar to their own "slide-your-controller-in" design. Nintendo is rumored to be coming out with not one, but two Switch SKU's to fix a few issues, such as the lawsuit, and the exploit in the current Switch model. So, I doubt we'll continue to see a rise in hybrids any time soon.

Microsoft teased their next console during E3 2018. Shortly thereafter, we've been getting leaks, speculation, rumors, and hints as to what Microsoft is planning to do with their next iteration of Xbox. There are 4 codenames so far: Scarlett, Maverick, Lockheart, and Anaconda.

On the topic of whether PlayStation 5 is coming or not, we've been getting leaks, speculation, rumors and nudges towards PS5 for a while now. In fact, last quarter (during holiday season), Sony said that PS4 is on its final years. On top of this, Sony skipped their annual PSX event, followed by the announcement that they will not be at E3 2019.

It's coming.


Sniper Kitten
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The answer to your question OP is no. Dedicated consoles will not be obsolete because of more mobile platforms. Not by a long shot. If Gameboy didn't unseat dedicated consoles in the 90s, phones and VR won't either. At least any time soon.

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