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TowerFall Ascension Confirmed For PS4 In Early 2014


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Townfall Ascension for Ouya is making its way to PlayStation 4 on March 11, 2014. The game is basically a 2d with a upgraded port to the PS4. Not to be mistaken with Titanfall. Apparently the game was a major hit on the Ouya. Guess it goes to show that Sony really is Indie friendly. It will also be launching on steam at the same time.

The critically acclaimed Ouya platformer TowerFall is coming to PS4 in 2014, expanded with new features. TowerFall Ascension will feature the manic local multiplayer action that's enthralled players at events like E3. It will also feature a co-op quest mode, new power-ups, and 50 new multiplayer levels.

Via: Shacknews
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