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Think we are going to get new KH3 info at Tokyo Game Show this year?


New Member
It's absent in E3 this year, which is bad news for us. Not even a few tease to let the fans keep the discussions and speculations going!:mad:

Well, Tetsuya Nomura himself said that the game won't be out soon, so it might be understandable that we are still not receiving anything new.
But Tokyo Game Show is coming right up guys! If I am not wrong we got a few new info from TGS as well, so we MIGHT just receive new info again this year.

Of course......it's best not to get your hopes up......


New Member
I'd say no. Considering it was unveiled more than a year ago and is deemed to be very early in production, we probably won't get much at TGS. Obviously I hope we do but the best we may get is another teaser trailer like at E3 which I think is the best bet.

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