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The Playstation 4 Guide


New Member
An online guide? Cool, if there's anything I need more information on or instructions on I'll come here. By the way, one hundred and forty games in the first year! That's awesome, as well as forty of them being PlayStation exclusives that's just incredible. Compared to the eighteen exclusives that the Xbox One is going to have that's just in Sony's favor all the way. I'm really looking forward to playing the PS4 and the the first year of games.


New Member
Agreed, that was very well written and formatted. Thanks for that man, I will share this with my fellow buddies on facebook whom want a PS4 but aren't too sure. This'll show them a bit more info since they're too lazy to research everything themselves haha.


New Member
Appreciate the guide, thanks. The new PS4 does look like a real winner. I can not wait to get mine and to start playing! Thanks for the list of additional features and the answers to some questions.


New Member
I find it very amusing that PS4 and Xbox1 are able to play dvd and blu ray but the wii and the wii u still dont have this basic feature.

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