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Streaming Netflix?


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Do you stream Netflix to your PS3? How easy is it? I've been interested in getting a Netflix account lately so I can try doing it for myself, but I'm not even sure if I can given the new changes that they're doing to the whole Netflix business.
I do not stream Netflix through my PS3. I do not even use Netflix, I get my movies through the television, or Redbox. I hear Netflix is having problems, too. You might want to hold off getting an account, until the problems are resolved.
I wondered how to do this too. I don't as of now but I would like to try. I am paying for the streaming but I am not using it. I hope someone can come on and walk us through it.
Yes, you can stream Netflix on your PS3 system. My younger brother streams Netflix movies on his PS3 all the time. I also think he streams from his Xbox too. My younger brother is pro and a game head.

1. You need to have an account with Netflix
2. Have a PS3 system
3. Have wireless internet

Netflix will instruct you in how to set it up.
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I do it, and I recommend it in general. I have both an Xbox 360 and a PS3, but I prefer to stream using a PS3 for two reasons. First, it doesn't cost anything extra like Xbox live does. Second, the quality is much better than streaming on the 360 in my experience, but I have no idea why. I don't know what you mean by "changes," but I've been using Netflix on and off for a few years and have never really had any issues. I'd recommend it for the new season of Arrested Development alone.
I highly recommended NetFlix.
I have the App on my Wii and IPhone, the streaming is lightning fast and always buffers instantly even on a bad connection.
In currently watching WareHouse 13 on there, still on the first season and its great to easily go through each episode one after another rather with other sites hunting down each episode and a working stream link.

Go get it, it's less than £6 a month!


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I think it's better to just get the shows you want to watch on your PC and maybe use the same screen as the PS3, if in your case the screen is bigger, like me.


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I use Netflix often. Totally worth the 9 bucks a month. Its easy. I signed up for an account on my PlayStation when it first became available a few years ago. Then you open the app, put in your account info and voila. Streaming movies and TV shows. Haven't regretted it since. Only complaint is it takes forever for new TV seasons to come on. But that's common unless you have Hulu or something.
It is insanely easy. What I often do though is have a computer nearby -- search for movies based on the categories and then just type them into the PS3 manually. You can't search by categories on the PS


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It is insanely easy. What I often do though is have a computer nearby -- search for movies based on the categories and then just type them into the PS3 manually. You can't search by categories on the PS
That's a good idea. My TV and my computer are right next to each other and I spend sometimes the length of a movie searching for something to watch. Though then again, once my butt hits the couch, I don't want to get up :)
My wife and kids and I constantly use Netflix, at least 3 hours a day. I never had problems with it though, ever. I've had more problems streaming it on PC then I ever did on PS3.
haha exactly Dragon, there's so much on Netflix that when I'm bored of gaming I can catch up on tv shows I wanted to see years ago or a movie.


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You know what I didn't find easy was Amazon Instant Video. I signed up for a month free of Amazon Prime mostly to get my Xmas gifts to me quicker and because it came with Instant Video. I found the interface not very user friendly. When I wanted to watch a season of Family Guy, you didn't just select the show then the season. I had to wade through all the cartoon comedies then seasons I didn't want to watch to finally get to exactly what I wanted. Now I'm sure there's a search function but Netflix I found was much better laid out.
I don't stream netflix on my PS3 but I did use to stream it on my Xbox before I ran out of live. It worked perfectly fine for me and was very entertaining, I never ran out of things to do. I'm assuming it should work for the PS3 as long as Netflix isn't being buggy or what not.
It's just most convenient for me to stream Netflix through my PS3. It's hooked up to the TV, I can either go right from gaming to movies, or just straight to movies. I get to watch it on a bigger screen, which is nice, and it's just not a hassle. And let's be honest, I'm pretty lazy, I'm not going to jump through hoops to watch Orange is the New Black ;)
I don't, but only because I have satellite internet rather than broadband cable internet. If I had broadband, I would definitely do it. I loved my Netflix subscription I had before, but had to cancel after we moved. As soon as Charter makes its way up the hill, I will be resubscribing. I totally miss being able to watch entire seasons of older shows in one weekend! When I did have Netflix, I streamed it through my PS3 effortlessly.
I really want to be able to use Netflix on my PS3, but I live in New Zealand and Netflix isn't available here. I have Quickflix though, but I still think Netflix is a better option because of variety and the amount of people that use it.

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