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So my wife got me a PS4 pro, don't know what to play. Any tips appreciated.


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Hi guys, it was my birthday yesterday and my wife surprised me with a PS4 Pro, I haven't owned a console since 2005 and it was the PS2, I turned 30 and looking for tips on the PS4, what it can do, and what I should play (buy). I currently have no games. I used to love the Final Fantasy Series, played from FFI to FFX and loved them all. (FFX-II not that much). I also loved kingdom hearts and other RPGs, I'm not that into FPS games but maybe i could give one a try. I like games with good music and story and graphics. I want to buy 3 games

1. A sport game (Madden or FIFA)

2. A good single player game (a good RPG, fantasy or FPS game)

3. A game to play with the wife, (the equivalent to mario kart or something fun she and I can enjoy).

We still don't have any kids so this is for me my friends and the wife. Thanks for the tips. I have a 4k tv and wifi.


Hello Woeden, w[: to the Forum!

1. FIFA 18
2. The Witcher III, Fallout 4, Skyrim, Metal Gear Solid V:The Phantom Pain (free of charge in october if you have PS+)
3. Dead or Alive V


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What types of games are you into or that you played on PS2? That definitely helps to influence what to recommend.

I'm playing Horizon Zero Dawn right now. I love the game. Also Doom is a good one if you liked Doom back in the day. They set the bar in how to do a reboot. Just mindless violence lol. And I'm gonna catch flak for this one, but I did personally like Mass Effect Andromeda. Though, the Mass Effect series is a game series that is best enjoyed by playing from the beginning if you want my personal opinion, which means playing on a last gen console :)


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So much choice if you haven't played in a while. Start with the obvious big games, Uncharted, Assassins Creed, you can't go wrong with the latest FIFA or Madden games if that's what you used to play.


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Haven't been around here in a while but I have a few suggestions for each and I've included them below.

1. UFC 2, not your average sports game but can be very fun when you have friends over. WWE 2K17, after a couple decades of not playing any wrestling games I rented this from a redbox and got super into it. Its stupid fun. Or, stupid but fun.. either way lol. Finally, I've never actually watched a game of golf but playing golf on ps is fun for me, I don't know why, but my last sports game suggestion is EA Sports Rory McIlroy PGA Tour. I'm sure there are newer golf games but that's the last one I played.

2. Since it's around Halloween my first suggestion here is Evil Within. It's a gory but fun 3rd person adventure game set in a horrific world that may or may not be this man's path to insanity. Next would be Mass Effect Andromeda. If you liked any other the previous ME games you'll dig this but if you've never tried it out before it's definitely worth exploring. This last one is a bit tough to play because you have to read SO FREAKING much lol but it is the best story I have played through in some time. It's called Torment: Tides of Numenera. Its an isometric adventure game in the vain of older titles like Baldurs Gate or the Pillars of Eternity. Very fun if your a hardcore RPG gamer.

3. If you are looking to play with the wife these games should help with that. First I am going to suggest Mother Russia Bleeds because side scrollers are awesome and this game needs more attention. You can get up to 4 players on one screen and you brawl through the streets of Russia side scroller style looking for revenge. The next suggestion would be any game from the borderland series. Although it is an FPS it is very easy to get into and it's fun to play couch co-op. Finally I would suggest Little Big Planet 3. That is practically designed to play with ones significant other.

There you go! Like way more suggestions than you asked for but these should help if your ever looking for something new. Good luck :Onya

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