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New Member
I think this would be a good idea once Update 2.0 Comes out, it could be kind of like a trading thread like user 1 lets user 2 play shadow of mordor in exchange for user 2 letting user 1 play destiny


, , The Enforcer, ,
A sub forum I don't think it's necessary but as you said I think it's OK if you just want a perhaps a STICKY topic on it,in games section.


, , Darkness, ,
Yeah a subforum would be somewhat unnecessary. If the thread was really busy and disorganised then maybe but for now a thread will do just fine like Obs said.


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
I like it too. But the advantage to having a subforum or a child board allows someone to post a how to or walk through for a game that's specific instead of a jumble of videos in a single thread.


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Good idea! Same as mine lol. I want to try out BF4 and Destiny before buying. I dont know if I will lile the gameplay.
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