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Server shut downs for MAG, SOCOM CONFRONTATION and SOCOM 4


Well-Known Member
It has been confirmed that MAG, SOCOM Confrontation and SOCOM 4's online servers will be shut down in early 2014 (28/1) coming from a PlayStation tweet.



New Member
The question that should be asked is: Who is still playing?

Publishers never close the servers in a game for nothing. Sometimes there is really nobody and they lose money to Serverus maintains.
We will not lament the closing of servers. It is for the good of future titles.
(Who said anything about the PS4?)


New Member
Well I guess they had a good run.

I only ever played MAG and I never even owned that myself, the game seemed way to hyped up and didn't live to my expectation. Also I guess this really is the beginning of the end for the PS3.
At least it's not like with some other games that just decided to stop paying and having a cool enough hoster that they would waste money to let people play it.

Clark Wayne

New Member
Well, like others have stated, this isn't too surprising as the games are pretty old so to speak and it was only a matter of time till the servers would eventually be shutdown. I'm sure many gamers will be disappointed but at the same time they were probably expecting this sooner or later. It's good to see that the servers were supported for such a long time though.

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