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Seemingly unsolvable pairing problem

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So here’s the rundown -
One day, out of the blue my PS4 consul decided to start this crap.
- powers up fine
- gets you to start screen
- all controllers connected flash white, and then go to amber.​
- all controllers are charged, and fully functional with my other PS4​
- can be connected w/wo cable, and problem still exists.​

  • Controllers are not the issue
  • Cables are not the issue
  • The issue seems to be the PS4 console has lost its ability to pair with anything
  • Every controller used is in perfect condition, and works fully on other devices
Any idea what the issue is?


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Connect the USB cable that came with your PS4 to your PS4, try to pair it that way. That way, the PS4 recognizes the controller. Now, if you're able to get the console connected through USB...

Back up your games/files (to the PS+ cloud or to your USB dongle), because the next thing you should do is refresh the console via rebuilding the HDD database. Here's a page you should look at. Once you've done that, UPGRADE your console to the latest version as soon as possible.


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EDIT: I think I remember the issue! On your PS4 Controller, look for a small button on the bottom of your controller... Look on the rear of the controller for a tiny hole located next to the L2 button.
For more, see this link.
Unable to make anything work, original cables used. It’s like the console fails to recognize any controller what so ever.
Time to put console in safe mode. Turn on your PS4 by holding power. See if controllers work there. Try HDD rebuilding as suggested, and then update as suggested.

This is backwards from my suggestion, instead of turning it on normally, try finding safe mode. This strips the system into a computer of sorts, by only enabling normal tasks. In this mode, it should turn your controller on forcibly.
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