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Rumor: PlayStation 4 launching on Oct. 21? Yes please.


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This time, it isn't any false shipping dates, Amazon guesstimates or place holders, it was posted by a guy that works in a large retailer which gives me a lot of hope. It's the only official and best source so far!

..and for the grand release.... the rumor for the release date is.... October 21st!!! Yes yes yes, that is what we've all been hoping for, an early release date for the PS4. I've heard the rumor that PS4 will be releasing a month before the Xbox One, will it actually be true? I really hope so. The guy was confirmed by a moderator on the Neogaf forum, and if some of you don't know, Neogaf is very serious when it comes to spreading false information. They ban instantly, and this guy hasn't been banned yet.

Source of the guy that works in a large retailer

...and confirmed by a completely legit mod.
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Rumor: PlayStation 4 launching on Oct. 21

Now this might not be very concrete but it's still interesting. I always thought either Microsoft or Sony would jump out and release early and it looks like Sony might be taking that lead. If they can keep up with demand and launch a full month before the Xbox One I think that gives them a huge advantage.
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Clark Wayne

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Wow, I definitely didn't expect this and I really hope this rumor turns out to be true. What's interesting about this is that it is actually about a full month before the expected release date of the system, although it's definitely not something I'm complaining about. This would certainly give Sony an advantage over Microsoft with a full month of sales already in the bag.


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We can only hope.
Always intereresting to see when it is actually confirmed how close or way off guestimates were on the date.


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Well, I've been hoping for an October release! Could it be that Sony heard what I said (along with others) and said "Ok then. October it is!"

Please be true.


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That'd be great for Playstation fans and Playstation itself. They'll get a huge jump of sales and maybe even suck in Xbox One buyers. If this is legitimate I'm all for it. Do ya thang PS4.


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That would totally be awesome. A release date before Xbone? They will beat Microsoft in terms of release date too. But, I doubt it somehow. I have heard somewhere that it's coming just before Christmas.


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Urgh rumours upon rumours! We've certainly had a lot of speculations as to the release date and so far none of them have been confirmed. I will personally wait for them to announce it before getting more exciting. Perhaps they will shed more light on the matter at Gamescom, but at the moment I'm not even gonna debate being excited with this date.
Sounds nice. But I probably wouldn't buy it right away anyway, so still makes no real difference to me personally XD oh well


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Even sooner than the Xbox One?
Damn, now that i think about it, it's really close, only 2 months to go.
Let's hope they don't rush it out like Microsoft did with the release of the Xbox 360.


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My friends and I are ignoring speculations and taking bets on when the systems will ACTUALLY come out. My call is that the Xbox will release first, mid-November, and try to squeeze in a Black Friday Deal. Meanwhile Playstation will be focusing on the December holiday crowd. I suppose we'll see.

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