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Registration is back now.

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Since the migration to xenForo, I turned off registration, as I sort through the many issues - fixing the site, updating some stuff. Still a long ways off, but for now, I've turned on registration to test some things out. But, first things first: There are 3 layers of spam mitigation going on in the background as you register. StopForumSpam, Honey Pot, and Askimet.

I will fix things as time goes on, but otherwise most things have been fixed. I will now be sending out e-mails to remind people that PS4Forum is alive and well. To get people to understand that PS4Forum is under a new owner. I want to gather more feedback, more ideas, and whatnot.

I would like you guys to help out liking these pages, as we get closer, and closer to the leaks for the next PlayStation console...


I use social media to drive traffic to sites like this one. Here's an example:

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