PS4Forum XF2 Changelog

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- Installed xenForo 1.5.12.
- Upgraded to xenForo 2.0.9.
- Upgraded to xenForo 2.0.10.
- Installed Core 2.0.6.

To do:

- Install redirects. (Just need to map vBSEO links to XF in htaccess.)
- Enable SolveMedia.
- Install and enable Tapatalk. (Latest version is currently in ftp, and is installed, just need to "enable" it on the other side.)
- Enable Spam Mitigation. (Turn on Registration afterwards.)
- Modify skin to perfection.
- Finally go https! (I'll come back to this later, turns out the redirect I wanted broke the site regardless of what I did. Tabling this for later.)
- Add Favicon.
- Add metadata image. (For Twitter/Facebook snippet.)
- Listen to feedback.
Not open for further replies.