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PS4 sold through first shipment in 24 hours


New Member
Sony sold through its first shipment of, 1 million, PS4's in a little under 24 hours. It has been a week since the PS4 was released and it has already been named the biggest console release in American history. With that being said who here that has a PS4 can give some of the people that don't yet have it some information. Do you think that it deserves to be the highest selling console in the US? What feature do you think the most amount people have complaints about? Or least?


I Shall Finish The Game
As a matter of fact myself and 999,998 other think it does deserve to be the best selling console in North America. I can't say it's better then XBOX because I don't have one yet to compare it to. The biggest + to the PS4 is the controller. It is the second best I have used. I have nothing bad to say about the console, it has all been good so far. The only thing I wish is that Drive Club and Watchdogs hadn't got delayed.


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I think it was obvious this was going to happen. It costs $100 less than the X1 and it has more exclusive games. It's more powerful, it has no unnecessary stuff, etc.
It's just a good console so it doesn't surprise that it sold out.


Professional Escapologist
Just like the PS3, it's a solid console, but it needs a few months, maybe one year, so that it gets the speed needed to be the best. Yes, it has some nice impressive games, but it needs the system killer "The Last of Us" or "Shadow of the Colossus" kind of thing. Until then, it's a novelty thing that has some nice experiments to see the raw power of the console.


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The best part is that unlike the Xbox One which was released worldwide, the PS4 was only released in NA. That means they might completely outsell Microsoft and the Xbox once they start releasing the console throughout the other regions. Regardles, I've been messing around with other friends PS4's and I really enjoy what I've seen from the console so far.

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