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PS4 Pro interface SO SLOW?!

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Hiya have PS4 Pro that’s about a year old. The interface is unbelievably SLOW! Trying to navigate to the store or ANYTHING it shows the (thinking/wait) symbols and often just sits there without ever opening.
Usually just Says- “Please Wait.
I’m using 469.1 GB of 861.4GB - so memory/storage shouldn’t be an issue.
ANY help appreciated!!


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
Hey Zomblue. Sorry, I just saw this. Seems like you aren't the only one with this issue. I found some trouble shooting but want to see if I can narrow this down to an update or some other software glitch. Has it always done this or did it start doing this after a system update? From a quick Google search, after the new major update, people reported slowdown.

What you can do to start is rebuild the database. Some people report that this fixes their problem, some people it didn't. Its a good place to start. It should basically clean up the crap the system gathers over time that slows it down (like how Windows slows down, lol). See instructions below.

1) Turn off the system, don't put it in sleep. Has to be powered down.
2) To turn it on in safe mode, hold the power button down. Don't let go until it beeps twice. It'll take a few minutes.
3) You'll see it boot into safe mode with several options. You'll select option 5 for Rebuild Database. It'll say it takes several hours, but I've never had that happen. Usually a few minutes but could take longer depending on how much stuff you have so be prepared. Also, whatever you do, don't select any of the Initialize options by accident. You'll lose all your data :)

If you are leary about losing data, you can always back up to a spare hard drive before hand (which honestly is just good practice). Here's the link. If you backup, just note trophies don't back up. I've backed up and restored my systems a lot in the past and lost them every time. But, I also don't give a rat's tookus about trophies so I didn't care :)

One thing to note about using external hard drives. Most hard drives today are formatted to NTFS for use in PCs. The PS4 uses FAT formatting, which PCs don't really use anymore (but can read just fine). So you more than likely will need to reformat the external hard drive before backing up the PS4. If you don't know how to do this, let me know.

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THANKS SO MUCH IT WORKED!! It just started doin this within the last 3-4 months until today it wouldn’t open the store at all. I followed your steps - it took 3 mins to rebuild database & boom fast again! You Rock!!


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WELL IT DIDNT WORK LONG... back to being slow and getting errors on opening store. It’s a bit better but still ridiculously slow. Sux when i dished Out the big bucks for the (at the time 1 yr ago) best n fastest console. I never had these issues on xbox. EVER. It will get into store after several errors n being stuck waiting. I’m just past the 1 yr warranty or I’d take it back. Ugh sad sad


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
So I won't be referencing this thread for future fixes :( I'm sorry this didn't work. That was the only solution I could find with moderate success.

I'd hate to say to try this because you will lose everything, but maybe a wipe may work and reinstall everything, OS included. It'd suck if you did this and it didn't fix it though. I mean, I do this on my computer and Android when things begin to get slow and sometimes starting from scratch is the best thing. But I don't know if this will work or not. I've never done it on a console or had the need to except when putting in a larger hard drive. Other option is call Sony and see if they have some troubleshooting to try. They may know of a bug and a workaround. But with my experience in the past, they can't tell their arse from their hand. Maybe their tech support got better from the PS2 days? I had my PS3 die on me. I didn't even bother calling. I just cracked it open and replaced the laser and it's been fine ever since.

If you do decide to try and reinstall the operating system and have a do over, you'll want to create an image of your system if you want to restore it should it not work (I did this when upgrading hard drives and picked up where I left off after I reinstalled the image). If you decide to go down this route, let me know and I'll put together some instructions for you.
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ok thanks anyway lol...
It DID help at first, because I was able to get the store to open etc (but that’s an iffy thing - sometimes works- other times still sits n spins). I sometimes get errors saying the service is unavailable or going through maintenance... but I’ve checked and servers are up etc and then it might work in a few minutes- very random. It sucks thinking ur buying the best one at the time, just to have it screw up like this. I’ve plenty of memory and it’s not been mistreated or moved except from room to room a coupla times.
Pretty lame PlayStation. Pretty lame.
I will try calling again but it was automated crap trying to get me to go to forums etc. not one real person. Ugh

— Other option is call Sony and see if they have some troubleshooting to try. They may know of a bug and a workaround. But with my experience in the past, they can't tell their arse from their hand. Maybe their tech support got better from the PS2 days?


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
So....their tech support got worse since the PS2 days, lol. At least when I called, I immediately went to some diphead. I dunno. This still sounds software related to me. Something's not right. When I get some time this weekend, I'll try to do some combing for you. But, if I was in your shoes and mine did this, I'd personally bite down and reinstall the operating system and see what happens. But I'm hands on like that lol.

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