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PS4 Games that need their own individual forums Thread

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EDIT 11/10/2014: We are now just adding big well-known releases. If there is enough demand for certain smaller "indie" titles, then we will add those too. But for now just the bigger games as the smaller game sub-forums in existence aren't very active at all. Thanks guys :)

Is there a game that was recently announced that does not have it's own individual board? Well let us know and we will certainly get on it asap!

Just let us know the title of the game..

Example: Grand Theft Auto 6 (PS4)

As simple as that! Remember to only submit Playstation 4 games, and please link us to a source so we know it's official and not just a rumour.

Many thanks to RockSauron for this suggestion.
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Also, I think games with "The" should be listed as the first letter after it. I.e., "The Witness" would be listed under W and not T.


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It'll be a mind-boggling challenge when thousands of PS4 indie games are released, you'd need 50 moderators just to add new gaming titles to the boards. If this is decided i'd be glad to assist but it's a huge task.
I read somewhere before that across all three major platforms, something like 17 Indie games are being developed per day. This will increase fourfold with easier publishing on the PS4.
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