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ps4 accounts with lowest price

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ps4 accseller

New Member
i'm a ps4 accounts seller, this is my job for 4 years and i have any account you need such as legal, ...
i can find any account you need in a short time with lowest price .
only work you need to do is sending message to me.
i have a telegram channel and worked 24/7 .
All of my Legal accounts have a Lifetime guarantee.
need fifa 19? god of war? spider man ? assassin's creed odyssey? -> Pm me
My Telegram id : @sa_na_startup
Whatsapp : +989013610066
Payments : Cryptocurrency(Bitcoin,...) , perfect money , web money , advcash , voucher , gift card


Staff member
I do not support "game sharing" in any shape or form. If you are going to do this, do it at your own risk. I am not responsible if your account is stolen because you took this deal. Thread closed.

Do not remake it, or I will just ban the account.
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