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Our Final MOTM Winner is - don_bidarian!

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Let us all congratulate our final ever Member of the Month winner: don_bidarian

An outstanding member! You all know him, always helping members out, extremely friendly and has also shown great commitment!

So a big round of applause to don_bidarian!

Just want to take a moment to thank everybody this year for participating and giving their two cents regarding the Member of the Month contests!

This was our second attempt in reviving it and unfortunately it will be our last as it didn't really catch on sadly. But again - we wish to thank each and every one of you for your contributions!


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Congrats don.
Cool shiny MoTM custom title added to your profile.
Enjoy it for the next few months,take a pic of it and show it to your mates :Onya


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Congrats Don :D

How will I platinum this site then if I can't ever have a chance to be MOTM


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Two months are over since getting user title. Now removed.
Hope you enjoyed it don :Onya
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