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[Old vB4] PS4Forums.com site trophies are now live!

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Bumping again.

Dont forget if you requested a site trophy for yourself and have not received it within a few days please PM me or Haze and we will get on it.
We check for site trophy requests in the admin CP but obviously we don't check these every day so apologies for any delay in granting some to members recently.

Also we check your PSN profile for any requested that are linked to that,so no,you cant cheat :p
If you feel you are 'worthy' of certain others you can also request it and will look into it and see if you really are 'worthy' :eek:
You can also 'recommend' an award to someone else and we will look into it too.

See trophies near the top middle part of the page:
Direct link here: Site Trophies


Hey guys, does the trophy automatic request work? I'm trying to get this site trophy:

41. Next Up - Get all the trophies for 5 games

Any chance to have it? :)


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Sorry Alex,we need to check trophy requests in the ACP manually and grant or award them and we dont check them every day.
The only automatic ones are post count ones.
The rest need to be requested by members as you have done here.
Anyway,have awarded you the one requested.


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Always been curious. I have Trophy Level 10. How does vBulletin know how many PSN trophies I have? Or do you have someone on staff to stalk everyone's PSN ID :) Are all the awards automated or do you have to assign them to each member?


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Only post count or days on site trophies are automated.
All the rest you need to request yourself.Or you can also recommend others for a certain trophy.
Admin/mods can then check up on any requests before granting them.


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You can check a member's site trophies in their forum profile.As you can see mine here on the left.
Or check their profile/awards tab.
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