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New member here!

Negative Zero

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Hello all, I'm one of those guys that had a 360 as well as the original Xbox. After seeing the mess Microsoft made at the 2013 E3, I just didn't like the direction things were going. I timed my ps4 purchase for the Destiny beta and had a great time with it. I'm not exactly new to the playstation universe - I have a ps2 - but I really like my experience so far.

I'm a lover of indie games with unique style and anything with a good story. I hope I'm in the right place. :)
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Hi Negatve Zero! You probably made a great decision with the PS4 if you like indie games. PS has really had a lot of indie support and I also love playing them. You might see a little 16 bit hate on here but it is a great forum. Welcome!

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