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Microsoft offering $100 of store credit when you trade in a PS3 or Xbox 360


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Well I still use my Xbox 360 & PS3 for my daughter, as we have a loads of games we play on them, so even if I could use this, I'd be no better off over buying a PS4 & I'd lose my gaming system that my kid loves. No thanks.
And in th eUK, the Xbone is still £100 more than the PS4, so again, not a great deal.


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Will you abandon the Playstation 3 for an Xbox One?

There is this news right now that says that Microsoft is offering credits for buying an Xbox One if you trade in your Playstation 3. I think, this is really cheap on Microsoft's part. Goes to show how Xbox One is sorely losing to the Playstation 4 which is why the desperation. Here's the link to the story:

$100 off for Xbox One, Trade in PS3.


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Its one thing if retailers would do this,who cares..but microsoft themselves? Gimme a break...lol


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... and really low. Microsoft is behaving like those small companies trying desperately to sell their products. If they want to sell their console, do it head on fair and square. Such a cheap move to get people to buy the Xbox One. This is indirectly admitting that they are losing to Sony, who's the guy that thought that this was a good idea.:rolleyes:
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$100? lol They're also offering $100 for the Xbox 360 -and officially saying that their console is no better then the competitions ;)


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Well that's interesting! I mean I agree with other people that is is pretty low of Microsoft, but what a great marketing concept to get Playstation users to make the switch without much effort from Microsoft. I must admit, trading in my old PS3 for a chunk of money of a current gen console sounds great.


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While I will never get rid of my PS3 this deal is not as bad as most of you think. Microsoft is actually giving $30 more then EB games/Game stop. They are only offering $70. To be honest though I wouldn't even trade in my 360 for a Xbone.


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I agree, it does feel a bit desperate, but only a bit in my view and it's far from being unfathomable as a marketing tactic. However, I would have only considered it had they offered at least $200 off for trading the PS3, because taking a hundred dollars off would only put their price at the same price as PS4, and given that option I'd rather just have both a new console and still get to keep my old one. I doubt this tactic would work, but I'd love to see the results after it's over.


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Does this stack up? I have 360, PS3, and PS4, considering trading in 360 and PS3 for a Xbox 1, anyone know if I could trade in 360 and PS3 for $200?

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