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Merry Christmas 2015 to all ps4forum members

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, , The Enforcer, ,
On behalf of the rest of the ps4forum team Id like to wish all ps4forum members an awesome Christmas.

Hope you all have a good one: Onya


, , Darkness, ,
I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and is looking forward to the new year.


The Watcher In The Wings
this post is an update post.....I HAVE INTERNET! over the past year i havnt so my posts have dwindled, but i got it for vhristmas.
also i got
battlefield hardline
blood bowl 2
rainbow six seige (im not to bad but im not lvl 20 either)
black ops 3 (zombies only really)
i will be postingin each individual thread incase you want to play with me....merry christmas!
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