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mark all as read button for private messages

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So me being gone for a really long while I had alot of pms and most of them were quote notifocations. Its really annoying when I have already read them once, so reread the title, and consider


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While we don't have a one click button like we do with the forums we have something close.

At the top of your inbox you'll see this button:

Then down the bottom of your inbox you'll see this:

You'll see the above. If you click on that drop down menu you'll see an option to mark PMs as read.

While its not a one click process, its still very fast.


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Thank you but I still think we need a more straight forward way. No person being here for less than a year would know that I feel.
VB is popular forum host and its kind of a universal trait for VB versions older than 4.0 (and earlier versions) so I don't honestly think that's the case. If you aren't familiar with VB forums then it would be a new learning experience anyway so you'd pick that up or you'd ask the community. I also feel that adding an option simply to make something a tiny bit easier when its already easy enough would be a waste of time and resources. I understand where you're coming from, we all want quicker and simpler options but, I don't think adding in something like this when we've already got a fast way of doing it, would be a good idea.
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