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Long time gamer, first time poster


New Member
I've been a gamer for a long time. Starting with Pong as a kid and moving through all the consoles and different iterations of PC gaming. Most of my gaming is with consoles. I need a strong PS4 group to connect with for MP gaming.

I'm past worrying about playing the latest games unless it's something I'm really in love with (The Last of Us 2). I was playing The Division for a while, but recently went back to ESO. I picked up Destiny 2, but I'm so disinterested that I just put it in my own stocking and I'll start playing after Christmas. I have games that I really like, but I'm really interested in games that I can play with other people in a co-op scenario. I prefer working as a team.

Current games in regular rotation depending on who's online for me:
Gran Turismo Sport, F1 2016, The Division, ESO, The Last of Us, Tomb Raider.

Looking forward to meeting everyone.

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