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Latest PS4 Game purchases


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Ive only had my PS4 a couple of weeks so dont have many games.
I have bought COD advanced warfare and also Alien Isolation.
Last night I downloaded Outlast and also the DLC Im not great with horror games


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Did you get dragon age inquisition?
....no. I'm sorry :(

If I could, I would of got all three of the games I wanted (Far Cry 4, GTA V and Dragon Age: Inquisition),

In a couple of weeks I'll be going away over Christmas for 3 weeks and will only have my PS Vita on me so just wanted to get one game to play until I have to leave.


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Re-purchased Watch Dogs. Going to give it another shot. Hope it grabs my attention this time :p


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What? Re-purchased? -]
To cut a long story short, I sold it not long after I bought it. Played it a little over an hour and didn't get into it so I sold it (plus needed the $). But EB Games had it pre-owned for $23 so I figured why not give it another go. Plus I actually still have the Collector's Edition packaging that has everything but the game so... now it's complete. :D


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I just bought Madden 15 and MLB on the black friday sales. They were never high on my list, but the prices were right! :>


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I recently purchased The Last of Us Remastered as part of the 12 Deals of Christmas Playstation are doing. Reduced from £40 down to £17 so I could justify buying it again after spending £60+ on TLoU + pass.


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Finally grabbed this... for $30 brand new (had games to trade plus extra 50% trade in value)

Also forgot to mention I picked up a couple games from the January Sale on the PS Store.

The Walking Dead: Season 2 and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (both PS4)
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Just picked up (actually downloaded :p) Killzone Shadowfall (on sale on playstationstore, with other stuff) i got instantly hooked up when i started i to see how it looked like.


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Downloaded Borderlands 2 from PS Plus on my PS3
Pre-ordered Dying Light for PS4
And ordered PS Vita Borderlands 2 Bundle!


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If its OK to ask how much did you pay now?
Was in a bundle?

And erm...isnt this the 3rd time you're back on PS4 mate? :eek:

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