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Knock-off controllers, can they be worth it?

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If you was going to buy a new controller would you get the cheapest or dearest? I can only afford knock-offs but are they really worth it? Would I be better off buying an official Sony controller? I have bought a knock off quite recently as the two back triggers had dropped after taking the back off. So when I recieved it there was immediately 2 problems. One is that the analog buttons are stiff. Maybe not such a big one as they can be broke in but still annoying for COD. Two the L1 button is dodgy. Sometimes it works other times it doesn't. I find that I am pressing down on it harder than I should which is not good. Maybe it just needs runnning in? I think if I do buy a knock off I will make sure it is a wildcatz controller.


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During the PS1 and PS2 times, i used to buy those cheap knock-off controllers, but those would break after a few months, even if i was careful. The buttons would get stuck, analog sticks would get broken... horrible.
So when the PS3 came, i always went with official stuff!
I had a few different knock off PS1 controllers that were fine, but after that generation the controllers seemed to get worse and worse. Hell, I had a knock off N64 controller that was BETTER than the first party controller.


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With the PS2, the pins of my knock-off controllers would always come out, but the official ones stayed in there no matter how hard I yanked the controller out. I would stick with the official Sony controllers for now, unless it's a really good brand. I guess if you're desperate and wouldn't mind it breaking after a while, you could be fine with a knock-off.


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Lets differentiate between 'knock off' controllers and '3rd party' controllers.
Knock Offs are Sony copy's,where as 3rd party controllers dont pretend to be Sony Controllers. So some 3rd part controllers can be quite good,however my experience with Knock Off's are that they are NOT good.
I have a few 3rd party controllers so Im not gonna comment on those here,there is in fact a topic on 3rd party controllers already posts so we'll try and keep the two topics seperate then,btw,that topic is here: http://ps4forum.com/2-playstation-3/710-third-party-controllers.html

OK.So a while ago I bought a Knock off from one of those chinese online sites,reviews from people were mostly favourable so for about AUD $15 or something I thought it's worth a shot.
Its even got Sony branding on it,looks like a Sony,feels like a Sony one,the buttons are OK suprisingly but the one big let down as is the case with most 3rd party controllers as well at least that I have is the analog sticks,movement on this one is crap,nowhere near as precise as a Sony. So a major hinderance when play FPS games online.

So,when you are talking 'Knock Offs' as in Sony copy.I say avoid.Better off with genuine for sure.
But if you are talking '3rd party' controller that may be a different story and I suggest check the other topic I linked too above.
Knock offs are pretty much of the same quality. I never bought a controller but I bought a charging cable that was knock off. I'm still using it today. It's a good way to save money in my opinion.
I have had success with third party controllers on a wide variety of systems. I think Gamecube was the only system where I had issues with the lifespan of third party controllers. I play a ton of games so I tend to wear out my controllers quickly. If you want to be cost conscious then you have to buy third party controllers to save the money.


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Knock offs are pretty much of the same quality. I never bought a controller...
:confused: You say they are the same quality yet you never bought one? Have you used one even?
See my post as I can assure you at least on the one I bought its not as good,period. Again,we are talking knock off's,NOT other 3rd party controllers,just to be clear.


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Knockoffs are usually fine. Probably not as high quality as the official stuff, but, that's why it's cheaper.
Cheaper yes,not as of high quality yes,but fine? Thats being generous as not in my experience and I have quite a few 3rd party controllers as well as one Sony copy.
My Snakebyte controller is pretty good,its 3rd party and the best 3rd part one Ive used but its not a Sony copy.And thats what this topic is about,knock off's,not 3rd party ones.
See my posts above.
They are worth it price-wise, but quality-wise no. I've had bad experiences with third-party controllers. Nearly all of them have broken down on me in less than two months or so. I always try to avoid them at all costs.
I think that the knock offs are just a money sink because I find them less comfortable to use. They also don't seem to last as long as the official ones. So in the end when you keep buying replacements, you just lose money in the long run because of the amount of knock offs you buy.
The Economic theory of Boots would give a solid no - while cheaper they are less likely to last according to the Theory. However, from my personal experience knock-offs are much worse then 3rd party controllers and I've yet to have either kind die or fail on me. Then again it took lots and lots and lots of hours for me to break my original controller so maybe I'm just coming at it from a different perspective.
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The only reason why I bought a knock-off controller is because I am trying to save money. I agree that the quality is terrible but that might just be because of how much I have used my original controller. Although I haven't had a knock-off die on me or fail so that is a good aspect. I think the worst thing about knock-offs is the quality and that is it. Also I think it is wise to keep 3rd party controllers out of this.
Ah, I thought we were counting 3rd Party Controllers and Knock Off Controllers as part of the same group. Yeah, if they're some weird knockoff brand, odds are it'll be a piece of junk.

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