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Introducing our new Moderator: Mudgee

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Well-Known Member
Let us all take a moment and welcome Mudgee to the moderator staff!

Mudgee (aka Adam) has only been a member for just over a month, but he has already proven to be a great contributor to the forums, as well as a forum MVP. Keep up the great work. We look forward to your contributions and ideas to continue making this community great!

Welcome to the team, Adam!


My name is Adam.
thanks guys, I shall continue to be active and help out around this place when I can.
Many thanks to the both of you,
Regards, Adam or Ads or Mudgee.


New Member
Whoa! Great news. I have seen you being so active here. It paid off finally. Now you are going to keep an eye on us. Please be a nice moderator haha :)


Professional Escapologist
Nice move, Mudgee, it's always nice to have more people on control, you might never know when the forum kicks big and gets a lot of people.


New Member
Congratulations Mudgee, or Adam if I could :D

Looking forward to more of your reviews, good luck managing everything!

Clark Wayne

New Member
Congratulations are definitely in order, as Mudgee has certainly been paying his dues on this forum over the last month. I'm sure that you will be an awesome mod and I also can't wait to read more of your pre-reviews. The one you did on Battlefield 4 was excellent.
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