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Important: Before you post looking for players/items - please read this!

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Since this has been an on-going thing and members are not reading the announcement thread, I'm posting this here so please read:

To save the clutter of these forums and to help you find items to trade/buy, finding guild members or general players - we ask you to instead of starting a new thread, please refer to the relevent stickied threads which you can find below.

If you are looking for others to play with or join a guild, please go here:
The Elder Scrolls Online PS4 Friends/Dungeons/Guild Thread!

If you are after an item, or wish to trade with other players for certain items, please post here:
Trading/Buying Thread for ESO

Finally, if you are simply after Vampire or Werewolf bites, please post in this thread:
POST HERE for Vampire/Werewolf Bite requests!

In future, if a thread is started looking for any of the things above, they will either be locked, deleted or moved into the appropriate threads mentioned here.

Thanks for reading and understanding.

- Haze
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