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I want to make games with C++ and SDL: here's 2 basic sample programs


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My favourite combination is C++ and SDL. C++ being the multiplatform programming language (not controlled by Microsoft or Oracle) and SDL being the library which provides graphics, sound, key input, mouse input. There are other ways but I prefer C++ over Python and Pygame. It took ages but I finally hacked together a program* which demonstrates classes, objects and lists. It's actually pretty easy.

Speaking of easy, Blitz Max is now free (as in beer) and open-source. Blitz Max is made by a New Zealand company, it's a simple games programming environment. A couple of weeks ago I made a Blitz Max program** which creates a "line" or "chain" of brick walls based on a simple function. Basically it's a crude level editor. A proper level editor would write output to a file (and I did make something like that back in 2006). See my wall generator program's output here. I put the text "made by the level lord" as a joke reference to Duke 3d maps where it would say "you're not meant to be here - from the levelord".

* This pastebin file expires in May 2016 and later this year my web host plan may expire so this thread will probably become pointless. Anyway, I just wanted to demonstrate some basics. Eventually I'd like to make my own projects, especially primitive strategy games! Even if I'm only doing gamedev as a hobby, I could achieve enough to be happy.

** A BMX file is plain text - you can view it in your browser.


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I highly recommend programming things from scratch. It's slow and it seems pointless, but you can build skills http://jeff-mitchell.co.nz/code/first_version.zip. All I demonstrate in this project so far, is alpha blend, split the project into multiple files, and handle keyboard input. I actually stole the input.h and input.cpp from a textbook but the rest of it I made myself, with a bit of help. It's very confusing even to do the basics. c++ is serious stuff!

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