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How to transfer 2TB drive from PS4 to PS4 Pro


New Member
I know sony is going to make this far more complicated than it should be

I have a PS4 with an upgraded 2TB drive, and I bought a PS4 pro with 1 tb hard drive.

I would like to transfer the 2tb drive with all of my data to the ps4 pro and put the 1tb drive into the original ps4, restore it to factory and sell it

I have an external 1tb USB drive that Im backing up all my ps4 data including applications to

My plan was to
1. back up all the data on the external,
2. plug the 2tb drive into the ps pro,
3. download the operating system on usb stick,
4. perform a clean format and installation on 2tb drive ont he ps pro,
5. then restore data on ps pro from the external hard drive,
6. then plug the 1tb drive in the ps4,
7. download the os again (im sure its different for ps pro and ps4)
8. then perform a clean format and installation on the ps4

Does this sound correct? If not, can somebody please give me the detailed steps to how to do this? Preferably in the same format as above

I read that I need to de-activate my ps plus account on one console and reactivate it on another, otherwise I wont be able to use it for something like 6 months??
How does this work, and how do I do this?



Sniper Kitten
Staff member
I'd look into restoring backups from the PS4 to the PS4 Pro. From what I've read, it's not as straightforward as that. May sound ridiculous (and it probably is) but you may have to transfer your data as Sony says though wireless or ethernet to the 1TB PS4 Pro, back that up then swap the hard drives and restore the back up.

The deactivating thing I'm not sure of. I thought you just had to say the new console was the primary console.

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