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How long has the PS3 got?


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So how long do you think the PS3 has got till companies stop making games for it. I think most big gaming companies, will start developing games for the PS4 now instead of the PS4. Although, for the first year they will probably still release PS3 versions as well. Even if they do stop making games for the PS3, there is bound to be hundreds of games that you have never played before that you will like. So at the moment, I am not worrying. But I estimate they will stop making games in one and a half years form the next gen console release dates.


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I reckon around 2-3 years as I reckon that's how long it will take for everyone to make the switch to PS4. I mean they supported the PS2 for a long time even after the PS3 was released so I'm thinking they'll do the same here.

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I think it still has some life left. At the very least, those cross-generation PSN games might keep coming as long as they can be run on both generations without screwing either version.


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As the PS4 starting price is only 400$/400€, let's be honest, it's a lot cheaper than the PS3 was, and even the oldie PS2, so I think in a frame period of two/three years the console price should be accessible to everyone and due to this there isn't going to be any reason for people not upgrading their gaming systems, I highly doubt the ps3 has more than 2.5 - 3 yr to be honest, if those sony dev fagg*ts gave us the backwards compatibility, this 'extinction' would even be faster.


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I think quality games will still come out for it for atleast another 3 years. After that the games will still come out but they won't be of the same quality as they were before.

Pretty much how PS2 was still getting its games but they were either the sports one or smaller developers working on it.


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They've only just now stopped making titles for the PS2. Electronic Arts' FIFA 14 is scheduled to come out next month and that's going to be the final release. So, I'd say you'll be getting PS3 titles until the PS5 is ready to come out.


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I reckon there will continue being support as long as the Wii U is supported, because I imagine porting games from Wii U to PS3 (or 360 for that matter) won't be too much of a hassle. I mean, PS2's continued support was heavily helped by the Wii for a similar reason. I figure most of the productions will stop after maybe 2 years and any after that will just be the occasional Wii U port.


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There s still a lot left in PS3. They have reiterated that they will support PS3 for a few more years. That has always been the case with Sony's console. They support previous gen console for long period of time.


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Q1 of 2015 most likely and this is excluding sports games. Some of the new IPs and sequels scheduled for 2014 will get the current gen and next gen treatment. Then any other lingering titles that don't make a 2014 release will catch a January- March 2015 release window. After that next gen consoles will be in a large portion of gamers' households by then and there would be no sense in splitting the teams focus anymore.


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Personally, in terms of new releases, I say it will have at least 4 years beyond the PS4. Just look at how the PS1 and PS2 were treated when their successors came out. Both systems continued to get new and vibrant games well after the new systems came out. And honestly, I like that because I'm not fond of leaving my systems behind right away. I still have my ps1 and ps2 systems hooked up for goodness sake lol


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I doubt it will survive for 4 years beyond the launch of the PS4. I'd give it 2 years beyond the introduction of the PS4 at a maximum. I'd say at least 50%+ of PS3 users will upgrade to PS4 within the first year and a half to two years. Once that large of a chunk of players transitions over to the new console it doesn't make financial sense for any developers to create games for a dated system. I don't think I am going to buy any PS3 games once PS4 launches, especially if the PS4 really has 33 games ready at launch.


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I feel like it has maybe a couple of years before enough people have a PS4 to strictly make PS4 games.
Meh I'll give it a year. I honestly expect the uptake of the next-gen consoles to be pretty quick given how long this generation has gone.

Might be some shovelware etc still be released but most devs will move on very quickly. My only question is whether Persona 5 will be PS3 or PS4.


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I'll give the PS3 about 3-4 years before it'll completely die out. I'm pretty sure that there will still be some games released for the PS3 next year or even in 2015. I believe that 3 years would be enough time for their consumers to migrate to the PS4.


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I think it's got a long time. It'll probably last about as long as the PS2, which is still one of the most viable option in some countries. Even when I get a PS4, I will probably keep my PS3 and keep using it if the device is still working. The thing is, even just as a blu-ray player, the PS3 is still the best player on the market because it automatically updates to the latest firmware, which is something an alarming number of blu-ray players still don't do. I also have a lot of games that I still want to play on the PS3; while I may be able to play a lot of these on the PS4 eventually, I'll probably still have some reason to use my PS3 for something or other. If it died out, I might not replace it but otherwise I'd keep it around. I think a lot of PS3 owners are of the same mind, because it's still a relevant piece of hardware.


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Unfortunately i don't think major publishers will continue to work with it one year, one year and half, by the next year. So yeah, i would say 2015, beginning or end.


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Seems this thread has sparked quite a bit of interest. I expect that most people are right with the 2 - 3 years guesses. What you could do is turn your PS3 into a blu ray player, as long as you have some blu-rays. I don't leaving my consoles behind as 4justice said, but I would feel better if you could maybe play PS3 games with your PS4 but that is unlikely.

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