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Headset Advice

Hi, new to the forum and after some headset advice.

Currently I only really play CoD Black Ops 4 and have been using some cheap earphones. I'm really struggling to tell the direction sounds come from, so am thinking of getting a proper gaming headset, and ideally wireless.

I have no idea where to start though, I read some much contradictory stuff. I've read about 7.1 virtual surround sound and also 3D sound, but then some people say they're not necessary and some people say they won't work with wireless.

So.. does anyone have a recommendation?


Staff member
I use the standard earphones that come with the PS4, but I've been hearing good things about the Astro's headsets by numerous youtubers. Here are a few reviews so far by youtubers...

Drift0r Review of A40 (2019)...

Drift0r Review of A50 (2015)

PrestigeIsKey Review of A10 (2017)

PrestigeIsKey did an unboxing of A40 TR + Mixamp Pro TR (2019)

Normally, I'd recommend the official headsets like Sony Platinum & Gold Headsets, but Astro has been getting a stellar reputation among Call of Duty players, Youtubers, etc.

One catch; they're all expensive.

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