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Have any of you tried the "mycareer" option in nba2k14?


New Member
I just tried this option a few days ago and the realism just blew me away. It is like you control one player for the duration of their career.It takes you from their last college game straight to the nba.It is very exciting , have you tried?


New Member
Yep, it's really cool and dynamic. One game I was playing and it was the last play of the game and Horford was calling for the ball, but I passed it to Korver instead, not thinking much of it. Well, after the game Horford had a chat with me about it and even the GM called me in and basically told me, if Horford calls for the ball, give it to him… LOL Changed the way i played instantly, in that now I am more aware of who is wanting the ball and when. There are lots of cool interactions like that in this mode. And the Park mode, though a little buggy , is quickly becoming a favorite mode. You can go on a playground with 7 courts and 100 other players with your MyPlayer and play 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 games. This is a really cool game all the way around.


New Member
I like the career mode, I just hate the fact that I cannot skip through, or at least speed up some of these cinematic cut scenes. They are SO SLOW!!! The progression of the career feels slow, but its much faster than a real rookie it feels like. It has just the right touch to make it challenging and realistic, but not so much you quit playing. I'm semi-enjoying it right now.


New Member
Dude, that's exactly my problem! I rented it and I took it back within 12 hours because the game is just annoying in general. I dig the career mode but sports games are lacking in career modes lately, it isn't what it used to be to be honest.


New Member
Yeah that mode is outstanding. To the OP, you are right about the realism. That is what i love about the 2K series, the realism.

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