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Games You Are The Best At


New Member
Back then, LOOOOONG time ago, I was a master of Guitar Hero. I was able to do 100% hits on the hardest song in guitar hero III (Through the Fire and Flames). It was a fun experience, especially showing off in the arcade machines. Now, I can only hit around 75-80%. I have lost a lot of skill, but it had a good run.

Cpt Blackadder

New Member
On the PS3 i think my crowning platinum achievement was Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising.

It was really hard to do. I don't think it makes me a great FPS player though, just this particular one :)

I've plattied UC1/2/3 as well so have a good thing going with those games and have PLattied God of War 1, 2, 3.


New Member
MMO's are easily what I'm best at. They are by far my most played games and I tend to get addicted at different times to them.

Other than that, it's pretty much strictly sports games that I get good at. Just never had a knack for FPS type games.


New Member
I like the shooter games, especially the sniper ones. I played Madden when it first came out but lost interest after awhile. Games that involve helicopters seem to work well for me - I just like action games and occasionally a good story.


New Member
I think i'm good at racing games and shooters. what i've never been good at is those RPG type of games like Final Fantasy and stuff. Never really liked them either.


New Member
I would say that Dark Souls series is the game I have mastered. I can beat the game without being killed so often.


New Member
I never thought about what games I'm actually the best at. I play a plethora of genres and doesn't have one I'm particularly best at. I guess I'm the jack of all trades, master of none type. I'm never too good or too bad at any one genre.


New Member
I pride myself being good at stealth games. Even when I'm playing none stealth games I tend to just choose the sneak up on them tactic. In fact just the other day I was playing Borderlands and I always tend to sneak up on enemies even though it's not going to work.

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