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Forum thread cut-out?

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I've recently answered to a post from an user asking about a not-well-known method to obtain videogames at cheap prices. I was suggesting him not to trust it, giving clean alternatives, etc. The (double) thread has now been removed from the Forum. In my opinion that wasn't any advertising spam nor an invite to hack nor whatever illegal, this is why I answered that questions and gave my point of view, otherwise I'd have reported it, as I always do. If the reason of removing was a violation of the rules, I am ok with it (if possible I'd like to know where the violation was). When I am involved into postings like in this case though, I'd be very glad to be adviced, because together with the thread, my message has been removed too. A PM is enough just for telling me, HEY I've removed it for this and that. Matter of courtesy, isn't it?

Thank's :)
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rules said:
15.Buying/ selling/ trading of virtual or physical products is strictly prohibited on this forum.This includes 'game sharing' that pertains to selling/trade.
He was asking to buy PSN accounts so against forum rules,not to mention Im pretty sure it's against Sony's ToS so a no no.
Apologies for the confusion Alex.


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I browsed the site the member mentioned. I feel it falls into a grey area of legality and seems the site he mentioned links you up with other sites that do the actual selling (like a broker). Now what he was asking was what Obe said, buying accounts, using that account to download the game, then playing it on your main account. That goes against our rules here and again falls into a grey area in terms of Sony's Terms of Service. It's abuse of the system really, and if we condone that kind of behavior, we won't be able to legally buy digital games and share them with friends and family (like you can with a disc) ever again due to abuse.
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All right, thank you guys.
I've understood that message like a mere help request, not trying to promote nor to sell anything. There was no direct link and he just put a list of 3 or 4 questions. This is probably what made me misundestand his intention.
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