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Finally A couple of Performance


New Member
After trying for any lengthy time, I finally found the right configuration to experience Path of Exile with acceptable lag! I am now getting constant 20-30 fps! (Lies, I have some ultra rare lag spikes, however it works)

This really is my screen: 200x150p

If only I had been joking... This is the way I play Path of Exile. If other people has huge performance issues and have to know how to get this done, I'll publish it here pathofexile.com/forum

Enough individuals have pm'ed me which i i can say that precisely how big of the issue performance is. I am unsure if the tutorial will still qualify this forum thread for that "general discussion" area, so for that step-by-step regarding how to do that (in addition to any updates I would develop), please make reference to r4pg.com/path-of-exile/news

For that nice lovely individuals who sent me tips about how to obtain a cheap computer

Thanks a lot, it had been a lot of fun searching through individuals messages simply to realize that the city still cares. Sadly, I still can not afford individuals, specifically because my plan for xtra expenses are 2$/week and the majority of the advices only affect US (and i'm brazilian).

PS. If anybody understands how to result in the text smaller sized, please educate me. It's the only real factor getting in the manner now. YES PRESSING Z Works However That DOSENT Assist With THE MAYHEM LOOT.

For get path of exile currency r4pg.com/path-of-exile/, you can pm me!



Sniper Kitten
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This is in the wrong subforum. Looked up the game and see it's a PC and Xbox One game. Moved to Other Gaming Talk as opposed to PS3 discussion.

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