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Favorite GameCube games


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I have noticed that the Nintendo GameCube never gets the same sort of attention that consoles like the PS2 and XBox. All Nintendo conversations some to surround the Wii and the older consoles. I am not really sure how popular the console was but it must have done something right to survive for 5 years. While I never owned one myself, a friend of mine did and there were a few GameCube games that I liked a bit.

My personal favorite from the GameCube's library was SoulCalibur 2 thanks to the addition of Link as a playable character. That aside the game was a good fighting game in its own right and was later introduced to the PS2 as well. Some other great GameCube games were Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and Metroid Prime. Of course there were all the classic Nintendo games like Legend of Zelda and Super Smash Bros. to enjoy as well.

So what were your favorite games on the console? What was your general opinion of it?


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I guess Zelda, but Gamecube in comparison of quality games is naught. Thats why the console failed.


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So many great games for the system...

- Super Smash Bros. Melee (hours upon hours upon hours of fun, in such a tiny disk)
- WindWaker (That beatiful world to explore was really comfy to play!)
- Ikaruga (Such a cool and awesome game, soundtrack was awesome!)
- Super Mario Sunshine.

Seriously, there is a lot more than what i said here.


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The Game Cube was an alright system, but overall the issue with it was that it was seen as a gimmick because of the shape and handle. Also it came out at the same time as several other consoles with rather a lot more hype to them. So it got pushed to the side - thereafter it was forgotten as people just played the games on the Wii. If it makes you feel better I still have my Game Cube, but then again I also have my N64 and my Sega Genesis. Bit of a packrat.


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Super Smash Bros Melee was no doubt my favorite. I also loved Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, the NHL games, and the James Bond games.

Despite coming behind Microsoft and Sony in that generation, they didn't lose out too hard (they ended up selling 22 million units compared to the Xbox's 24). There was a great library of games, but really it just can't compare to what Sony did.


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My favorite game on the GameCube is Super Smash Bros hands down. It was such a well-done game and fun to play for all ages. My cousins and I would all play against each other using various characters and have a blast. I even got the game on the Wii just because it's so fun.


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There are so many! I want to play pikmin more, I just got it. I love Mario Party, MVP Baseball, Mario kart Double Dash, Mission Impossible, F zero gx and the madden games for cube. I tend to play mvp baseball the most along with the mario games. Gamecube is criminally underrated.


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There are a lot of great games nobody really talks about anymore. Like Lost Kingdoms or Chibi Robo.


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I have a few games that I quite enjoyed on the Gamecube.
Wind Waker, Viewtiful Joe, Mario Sunshine, Smash, Tony Hawk Underground 2 and Double Dash are probably the games I played the most. I actually still have my Gamecube and will on occassion hook it all up and play something but usually I stick to emulating.


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I always thought that all of the sports games for the GameCube were the best that Nintendo ever put out. I used to love to play NHL Hockey and Madden on it. The GameCube has been pushed to the back burner with the success of the Wii but I think that it was one of the better if not the best console that Nintendo put out. The CD's were small and compact and they were easy to take care of. The GameCube also set the precedent for the controllers of the PS3 and PS4 as far as the ergonomics and the feel of the controller goes.


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I always loved playing RE4 on the Game Cube and also Eternal Darkness. Those games were pretty much the only games that I play on the Game Cube.

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