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Excited to play inFamous?


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Honestly, I'm a long time fan of the inFamous franchise (or at least as long as it has been out), and I loved the first one so much that I couldn't even find anything wrong with the second one (other than the voice change). But really, I'm not sure about this game. Sure, you have super powers, and the location will probably feel similar to Empire City, but it doesn't feel like inFamous to me.

Cole MacGrath was inFamous. He was the rough and independent man struggling with acquiring power that only seemed to bring suffering and death, and despite that, he was (potentially) capable of coming out a better man. This new kid? He's just some teenager who got super powers and is "livin' the life", defining "fun" as simply murdering enemies. That doesn't seem realistic, rough, or even enjoyable. That just seems like what every three year old must think of himself as when he jumps around pretending to fly. This must be Sucker Punch's attempt to do what they wanted to do with inFamous 2: turn the character into a "Tony Hawk-like man who flies around the city enjoying his powers and seeking thrills". If you managed to avoid that scandal, look it up. They basically had to scrap the whole idea because of outrage.

I guess I just wish they made this it's own franchise, and didn't associate it with the same name that carries Cole. I doubt I'll be buying this one, unless they advertise the game in a better light or bring out some amazing features. I don't feel I'll be missing anything connected to the story that I've come to love. I understand a lot of people probably won't agree with me, or will even find this much more interesting. So I invite you, slam my opinion and display your own! What do you think about it?
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Yes, pretty much. The footage they have shown up until now looks nothing short of awesome. I am going to give it a go.


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The only thing i don't like is how they just decided: "The evil ending for Infamous 2 was the canonical one, no questions answered". Eh, okay? Couldn't we at least have this as a spinoff, seeing as this is not InFamous 3?


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I thought the good ending was what they were going with in this game?

Either way, the thing I'm most interested in seeing is how the absorption and power mechanic works when you absorb others with powers. That's going to be interesting. Infamous never had a feel that was similar to Zelda, but now I can say it might. You know, you're playing a level and you're like oh man I can't get there because of (X) and then a couple hours later, you absorb some guy with (X) and go back and find a whole new area.

Just a thought, has some promise.


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I'm especially excited with the whole destruction they added to the game, and it would be really cool if, as an open world game, the buildings and objects we destroy just stay that way through the entire campaign. And that power absorption seems like a really new cool trick that can open many new doors through out the game.


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The game looks absolutely amazing. For the first 6 months of the PS4's lifespan this will probably end up being my favorite game.


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I thoroughly enjoyed the first two games even though to some degree they got a bit repetitive, but I still had a ton of fun with it. The scandal is news to me though and it's a shame they wanted to go that route. I think I'll still give it a try, but I hope they had some more elements to the game and hopefully I'll enjoy it as much as the previous two.


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Yes! Infamous Second Son! The new trailer is coming soon! Watch the live stream guys! ustream.tv/channel/443086


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Yeah I agree, trailers looks beautiful and I'm hoping there are a crapload of upgrades and ways to gain experience. I hope it's a bit harder too, even on normal mode. I can't wait to use all the powers and lets hope there's more than a few powers to toy with. Maybe we'll be able to combine powers very easily?


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Infamous 1 and 2 were one of the first games I bought for my PS3, and I loved them.
Needles to say I'm excited about the new Infamous,. Better graphics, bigger maps, better gameplay, same awesome story. Seriously, what's not to love?


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Exactly, the game should be good at the minimum. Even if the story ends up leaving something to be desired, the gameplay and visuals will deliver the good.


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It looks really good, but I'm hoping they tighten up on the story a little bit. The graphics look amazing, the powers look really good. The only downside that I see is the new character but we'll have to wait until more definitive trailers came out. It's how I knew that I wouldn't like new Dante, the trailers made him look like a douche. I'm unsure about the new character until I see longer trailers showing him off.


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lol The new Dante did come off as douche, didn't he? I'll definitely pick this up when it drops, it's a "Go get a PS4 now!" game for me.


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I'm still willing to be open minded about the a new Infamous because I haven't seen or heard anything to make me feel differently. That might change after I see more about the new character but for right now I'm okay. New Dante was different, it took 5 seconds for me to decide he was a douche and 10 minutes of gameplay for me to confirm that he was indeed a douche.


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InFamous has been a solid series. Maybe not the PS flagship series, but quality titles.

This next one looks to blow the two previous out of the water. I loved the first, was a tad disappointed in the second, and am very much looking forward to the third.


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Yeah, Infamous has never really been one of the big series on the PlayStation but I've enjoyed it so far. I'm looking forward to seeing how they change things up and what exactly the story is going to be. Are we going with the Cole is 100% dead universe or where Cole is now the Big Bad. Also who's our new hero, and hopefully they get the character right.


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Infamous may not have been a big name to the average consumer, but it certainly deserved it's time to shine. I really enjoyed the games, and am willing to be open minded as to what they decide to do with series. Though I am curious as to which of Cole's fates they choose to go with. Personally I want dead Cole, I just think it would be more interesting.

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