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Custom Avatar Problem

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Hi everyone, we just moved domains today and it turns out we had problems moving the custom avatars. We tried to update as many as we could but we weren't able to get them all. If you have a broken avatar then go ahead and re-upload your avatar and it will fix the problem.


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Are you uploading the picture from your computer or using a link from another site?

If you are doing a link, try downloading the picture from the link directly to your comp, and then uploading it. Unless you have the actual source URL of the image it's not going to upload correctly.
1) Right click on image from the other website
2) Save image as...
3) Name it something and save to your desktop or wherever you'll remember
4) Go to your control panel, click change avatar, and browse for it, then click upload/ok.


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Yeah. You pretty much have to resize it yourself with vBulletin. Jack, PM it to me and I'll fix it in Photoshop for you.
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