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Controller issues


New Member
Hi There

I am wondering if anyone knows why i have PS4 USB controllers stopping working after 8 minutes of game play. I have tried direct wired controllers and wireless controllers with a dongle in the front USB ports and same thing happens. Never happened with the original controller but that got damaged beyond repair so i am stuck with this ATM. Funny thing is if i unplug it ( either the dongle or the wired controller) and plug it back in it starts working again but only for8 minutes and then it stops...no buttons work at all after it stops. Any reasonable suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you


New Member
The response has been overwhelming lol...i just went and bought a new Bluetooth controller for those that are interested as i found nothing in relation to my post anywhere...even outside of this little corner
thanks anyway


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
Hey! Sorry. You have to understand this is a smaller community of adult gamers, so it takes a few days sometimes for someone to respond with help.

As for the controller, by your description it sounds like a third party controller. From what I read online, they're usually junk. Sounds like a communication issue. The way to go is bite the bullet and just buy a Sony controller. Much less of a headache and you don't have to deal with dongles and wires and all that jazz.

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