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Changes Phase 1: Condensing Forums.


Staff member
Tonight, I've decided to make one of many changes in the next year. This is phase one of those changes. I have two projects that I want to launch in the new year. You already see some of those hints. PlayStation 5's speculation is rising as we roll into the new year. I have two domains registered that will extend the lifeblood of this community. This has always been my plan from the beginning.

What happened is that I condensed most of the subforums into "PlayStation 4." The specific game forums were too much. Too many forums to navigate, so that's what this is solving. When people go to forums, they don't want to have to click another link to get to a thread or even to get to talking about a game. Going forward, everything you see structured will stay the same way that it is now.

The original "PlayStation 4 General" forum has been regulated to "PlayStation 5 General" and like-minded forums. I did this so that the mods and former users understand first-hand what those forums are for. Same rules, same posting styles apply. Please use common sense when posting.

Stay tuned, more to come!

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