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Are You In Favor Of Making Games Exclusive?


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So I'm sure it's noticeable that games are a lot less exclusive nowadays, Xbox and PS3 happily share titles and ultimately the profits as well, and it seems like all is good. However, I find myself missing the days of exclusivity. Sega had their own library, and their frontman was Sonic, Nintendo had Mario and in turn, their own library of games as well. The only title I still remember that these two shared was Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, and I'm not even entirely sure of that or if they even played the same. I'm not sure on when things started changing, as I'm not really a console/video game expert, but nonetheless, here we are now with both consoles pretty much having the same libraries.

So are you for this or not? Personally, I don't like it. I think it hurts the overall branding and it feels lazy in a way I can't really explain, not to mention it feels a lot less special picking one console over the other. Your thoughts?


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Yeah I miss when each console had lots of exclusives. Today, when you compare them, Playstation still has more exclusives. Heavy Rain, The Last of Us, InFamous, LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet and Clank, Motorstorm, God of War, Uncharted. Killzone, Metal Gear Solid - I'm sure there are loads more.


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This is how companies advertise.
They make it available on multiple platforms, but I do miss exclusives a bit.


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No, it's too restrictive on consumer choice. I went with the PS3 for certain exclusive titles (Infamous, Uncharted, God of War) but I can't play multiplayer with most of my friends as they all have an Xbox 360. It's a choice a lot of people will have to weigh up when buying the next generation of consoles and frankly I don't like it. I think that both sets of consoles have already built up enough of a niche and enough brand loyalty that they'd be able to co-exist and compete with each other if they completely got rid of exclusive titles, but sadly I don't think it will happen any time soon.


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Exclusivity is not good for devs or the console maker, unless the engine is built only for that console. Now that all three gaming platforms use the same architecture, that should not be so much of a problem. The devs get more money and support if they release on all platforms.


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I do miss that, I think it all started with Mario vs Sonic didn't it? In any case I would just feel weird if I ever saw Kratos on the xbox, the same way I would feel if I saw The Master Cheif on Playstation.


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Exclusive games are necessary to make each console unique. Imagine if each console had the same games in its library. It wouldn't matter if you had an Xbox or a PS or a Wii because all of them are the same. It's like saying that you have multiple television channels but they are all airing the same program. Which by the way, would completely suck.


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Hey, if that makes the games 2x better, just do it! Seriously, if companies did that more, than the quality of the products would sure rise, mostly because they didn't had to worry about creating a product for separate platforms.


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I was a Nintendo fanboy for the longest time, and I remember the good old days on their systems and games. I guess Nintendo is the most exclusive nowadays. They've Mario, Zelda, Metroid and others and those tend to be good games. I think Sony and Microsoft could benefit from having some exclusive titles. But then again, it could be too late to start doing that, similar to how Nintendo dominated the handheld market and it was much tougher for Sony to break into it. I guess it worked out eventually though.

Exclusive games is the reason I still play Nintendo stuff by the way.


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I think some game franchises should be exclusive, but unless other games require the use of a console's hardware, there's really no reason to make it exclusive. I know it makes each company's product more competitive, but I prefer playing some games on one console over another for various reasons. I prefer fighting games with the Playstation controller because it's easier to execute combos (at least for me), but I may prefer other consoles for different kinds of games.


New Member
No actually I strongly oppose making games exclusive. Exclusivity is what fuels most "Xbox V.S PlayStation fights." I believe that every console should get a chance to get a game. I feel bad for the Xbox users who didn't get to play "The last of us".


New Member
Yes, because in my experience, games which are made for multiple gaming systems, including the lesser ones, are dumbed down. However, I wish this wasn't so...


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Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Yes because then you get the best game possible. Say a game was coming out for PS3 and Wii the graphics and performance just wouldn't be the same as if it was coming out for PS3 alone. But then no as I want to play some games on Xbox that are exclusive to it but I don't want to purchase another system.


I dislike exclusive titles just as much as I like having to choose between Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony. Why is it so impossible for these companies to decide to come together and make everyone happy?


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I wont say in favor or against it since I am neutral in this regard. While I feel that this is unfamiliar for gamers, I know at the same time that this is an indispensable strategy for the gaming corporations to stay relevant and in business.

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I will be honest, I personally hate exclusives. It just seems like such a dumb thing to do for third-party games... at least for first-party/second-party games it makes sense.


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I think the way they handle it now with just a couple of exclusive and nintendo just doing their own thing good because I don't want to miss out on alot of games nor do I want to have close to no difference between them.


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I too dislike the idea of exclusive system games. I think it actually a bad idea, because it could be even more sales if the game was available for both systems. I remember when InFamous was first talked about. Everyone was pretty excited about getting this video game. Then they come to find out that the game was not coming to the Xbox 36o, disappointed so many gamers.


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I do miss exclusivity with some games, but I can understand why some of the gaming consoles have shared games. I think it's because the company that makes the games wants to make more money off the game so they release it on multiplatforms so that they can have higher sales. It may be for another reason, but I think it all boils down to money in the end. They want to make as much money on these games as they can and selling on multiplatforms is a good way to do that.

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