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Anyone want a WII U?


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I've often made many jokes about the WII U and the fact its the underdog of the gaming world. However I think the WII U is a nice console and I'd actually like to pick one up at some point. I think people get caught up in the raw power of the Xbox One and PS4 and to my knowledge many games look nice on the WII U and 1080p isn't a big selling point because quite frankly I can barely tell the difference and many games still achieve a solid 30 FPS and I mean its pretty nice.

I think the motion controls is also a cool feature and I like how they've got a nice normal looking controller for people who don't like the motion controls.

I'm kind of warning to the WII U a lot more as of late. Of course I still love my PS4 more but I think it would be nice little console to own.
I came here cause I thought you where giving away a Wii U lol

Anyway my kids have had one since launch, actually had two as one was DOA


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I've been dangerously close to buying a Wii U since launch.. The Mario Kart 8 promotion makes it almost too tempting.
I was never into games like Mario or Zelda, so no, I am not going to buy a Wii U in near future. But then again, some people really seem to like those games. More power to them!


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Really? I have no interest in the Wii U whatsoever,meh..I leave the 'kiddies' console for you guys then :p
To be fair Mario Kart 8 does look fun.

However I'm surprised Nintendo, given their 'reputation' haven't actually went into the mainstream of gaming and offered popular games to the other consoles. Mind you, that might make sales worse.


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What is especially tempting about this bundle is that it is an actual game--not a digital download code.
But when you register Mario Kart do also get a code for either Wind Waker, Pikman, Mario, or some fourth game. Makes the deal so much sweeter.
Now, hell yes. They're finally releasing games worth picking up a console for. And with the E3 conference showing off what is to come, I think we're going to see a rise in the Wii U sales in the coming months, especially when Smash Bros gets released. So by November, the Wii U will be the console to buy I think.
I don't really think I have enough reason to purchase one myself, I would not mind having one because there are a few games I think I might enjoy but otherwise I don't know.
I think it could be a really fun machine but too many of the games are either uninteresting or just not really something I would enjoy.

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