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Anthem's worst problem ...

Nearly everything in Anthem has become "Legendary" with the exception of the drops. Getting a legendary item in Freeplay is about 1 in 500, and 1 in 100 in Strongholds, or Legendary missions. And whenever they do drop, there's a 80% chance it's a repeat. I've gotten excited over getting 2 legendarys in a mission only to findout that they are the same item at the end of it.

On grandmaster level 1, 15% of Freeplay encounters are now against legendary foe. Now in order for a Javelin to be legendary, everything but support & standard guns must be legendary. However, legendary foes ARE NOT dropping legendary items! As we currently go to higher grandmaster levels, and see the percentage of legendary foe increase, the drop-rate isn't. So do legendary foe have the same requirement to be legendary, and why does the drop-rate decrease, instead of increase?

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