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  1. Titan

    PSN throttles uplink

    Carlos. I'm hoping it stays that way :) I love Destiny (though haven't played much D2 lately. After I felt like I was getting nickeled and dimed by the season pass, I kinda started to lose interest. But I'll definitely be getting D3. I can't see Sony killing their golden goose. I'm sure they'll...
  2. Titan

    PSN throttles uplink

    They do. It's called Xbox Live and Steam. Don't like their service, go to either of those. I've been using PSN since the PS3 days and I've never had slow connection or anything. It's probably your internet connection that's crappy. Also, this doesn't belong in Off Topic. It belongs in the...
  3. Titan

    Left trigger not working

    My guess is you messed up the contact behind the silicon pad. You have to be careful not to damage it. When I tear down controllers, I take great care not to touch the electrical contacts behind it or scratch them in any way. My last tear town, I accidentally folded over the plastic contact...
  4. Titan

    Use 2.4ghz or 5ghz for wifi connectivity?

    Hard wire in if you can. My router is literally behind my PS3 and PS4 so I hard wired both into the router. You get stable connection that way. 3.4 ghz is fine if you live away from neighbors. I think you get better range with it that than 5G but since so many 3.4ghz routers exist, they tend to...
  5. Titan

    Wait... Will PS5 even come out?

    The answer to your question OP is no. Dedicated consoles will not be obsolete because of more mobile platforms. Not by a long shot. If Gameboy didn't unseat dedicated consoles in the 90s, phones and VR won't either. At least any time soon.
  6. Titan


    Most games require PS+ to play online. If you log into an account without it, you can't use PS+ features.
  7. Titan

    JoyFreak here!

    Welcome aboard. Neat little site you got there! Always nice to see another forum owner around :)
  8. Titan

    Toxic Players Rainbow Six Siege

    I never have personally (but I'm a guy so I wouldn't experience that immature harassment) but I've heard the same from fellow female gamers. It extremely pisses me off the sexism in the gaming community. Like the guys masculinity is at stake because they get beaten by a girl. But my theory is...
  9. Titan

    Controller range

    I'd move the PS4 into the room you're playing in. It's not getting a good connection. It is a radio wave none the less and susceptible to interference. If you can't move it to the room because of the projector, try looking around the PS4 and see if there's anything metal or electronic that could...
  10. Titan

    PS5Forum on Social Media

    Following on Instagram. Apparently I'm logged into one of my accounts on my computer. So it's either my personal account or my faceless woodworker identity :) If it is shedside_diy, I'd appreciate a follow back :D
  11. Titan

    Quality of PC Games vs Console Games?

    True. But that cost is offset, if not more, upgrading your rig every couple years. I started on PC in the 90s but always preferred consoles personally. I just buy the console, plop my bony butt on the couch and go. Plus I prefer using a controller. I'm like a drunk when trying to play with a...
  12. Titan

    Controller broke after cleaning?

    Oh god! Never fix anything electronic on the carpet. Static discharge from your body will fry electronics and circuits. And you moving around on a rug charges you like a battery. I mean, back in the PS2 days I cracked open my PS2 multiple times on the carpet to fix it (the launch 30001 model was...
  13. Titan

    How to transfer 2TB drive from PS4 to PS4 Pro

    I'd look into restoring backups from the PS4 to the PS4 Pro. From what I've read, it's not as straightforward as that. May sound ridiculous (and it probably is) but you may have to transfer your data as Sony says though wireless or ethernet to the 1TB PS4 Pro, back that up then swap the hard...
  14. Titan

    PS4 Pro interface SO SLOW?!

    So....their tech support got worse since the PS2 days, lol. At least when I called, I immediately went to some diphead. I dunno. This still sounds software related to me. Something's not right. When I get some time this weekend, I'll try to do some combing for you. But, if I was in your shoes...
  15. Titan

    Password not working and retrieve email still hasn't arrived

    Check your email. They should have sent what you need there. At least, that's where it should be.
  16. Titan

    PS4 Pro interface SO SLOW?!

    So I won't be referencing this thread for future fixes :( I'm sorry this didn't work. That was the only solution I could find with moderate success. I'd hate to say to try this because you will lose everything, but maybe a wipe may work and reinstall everything, OS included. It'd suck if you...
  17. Titan

    Downtime expected tonight

    Per month? I don't blame you. It seems like this is better value. I don't like overpaying either. If I can find a better value for my needs, that's what I go with.
  18. Titan

    PS4 Pro interface SO SLOW?!

    Glad it worked! I'll reference this thread then the next time someone reports this problem :)
  19. Titan

    Controller broke after cleaning?

    This also might sound stupid, but check to make sure you plugged the battery back in first. I made that mistake once, lol. If the ribbon folded over, you'd feel stiff buttons (at least I did when I did it by accident).
  20. Titan

    PS4 Pro interface SO SLOW?!

    Hey Zomblue. Sorry, I just saw this. Seems like you aren't the only one with this issue. I found some trouble shooting but want to see if I can narrow this down to an update or some other software glitch. Has it always done this or did it start doing this after a system update? From a quick...